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Duality pretty much speaks for itself: Persona 4 takes a look at the "dual" nature of people's personalities-- what we show the world and what we hide deep within ourselves. Kanji's character in particular goes in depth about what it means to be one thing and show the world something completely different, and through this discovers the importance of being true to oneself and taking pride in what you do. While Kanji's a hardened tough-guy on the exterior, deep inside we all know he just wants to sew up bunnies and touch Kuma's soft fur. He's admittedly the type of character that always pulls at my heartstrings: token tough guy with a heart of gold. I dunno, we'll blame it on my gap moe or something and get on with our lives. I think Kanji is a lovable character in the sense that he's pretty easy to relate to: isn't this a stage almost all of us go through when we're teenagers?

This isn't the biggest, creepiest dedication to Kanji ever I'm sure, but I think that since fanlistings tend to be like the internet drive-thru window or something, I wanted to try expanding it to be a little bit more than just a list of names. SMT games have a tendency to present a colorful cast of characters that we can all pick at, so it's nice to be able to spend a little extra time with Persona 4 and Kanji and whittle away at what makes everyone's favorite kouhai so lovable. He's also an incredibly complex character in the series, so to kind of try and puzzle together my own interpretation of him is a lot of fun.

Thanks & Credits

- Atlus: Makers of the games I waste spend so much time on.
- YouTube: I spent a lot of time rewatching cutscenes, haha.
- Megaten Wiki: Filling in the statistical gaps for me.
- Encyclopedia of Shinto: Filling in the mythological gaps for me.
- Sengoku Jidai Database: Filling in the... historical gaps for me.
- Chikotori: For the translation of Kanji's profile from the P4 Club book.
- Aeclectic Tarot: For I had no interest/knowledge in tarot prior to SMT.
- Dokuganryu: For the lovely artbook scans used in various places.

+ A couple books on history/mythology from my Japanese history class which I should... probably find the titles of. Soon.

And if you're wanting to get in touch with me, I'm Aku, and the best way to reach me is by e-mail! Much like Kanji, I am secretly very friendly.

Miscellaneous Information

- Duality was a Favorite Video Game Character Shrine nominee at the 2010 Fansite Pagaent.
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