Senpai, I'll be waiting for you!

As Souji wanders around Inaba to say his final farewells to all the friends he's made, he runs into Kanji in front of the textile shop. Kanji looks a little more than surprised to see him, but he's happy to entertain conversation she he knows that Souji will be leaving the next day. Unfortunately for him, his mother comes out of the blue again and tells the hero that Kanji's been acting sad and lonely lately, but she wants to thank him for being such a good role model to her son. And oh yeah, if he knows about that handicraft class Kanji's teaching. Kanji is flushed with embarrassment, but as soon as his mom leaves he comes clean to Souji.

After they started selling the knitted dolls Kanji was making in the shop, a few of the customers wanted to learn how to make them. He admits that he's still a little unsure about the whole ordeal, but if people want to learn then he can sure as hell teach them. It's a step in the right direction and definitely proof that Kanji's beginning to feel comfortable in his own skin.

Kanji: It kinda feels good to do something for other people...heh. It's only 'cause of you that I could face up to who I am, Senpai. Thank you very much!!

Souji can leave rest assured knowing that the smile on Kanji's face is genuine and the promise that they made is going to be kept: he plans on continuing to let people understand who he is so he can be his real self. Moreover, Kanji's wish to "give back" to the people in Inaba who helped him out is finally coming true. Though he isn't smashing biker gangs and protecting everyone like a "man" would, it's his own way of showing he's thankful, and for him that's (finally) good enough. Before Souji leaves, Kanji tells him, "Senpai, when you go, don't turn back around, okay?" Maybe it's a little bit cheesy, but it's fitting for the guy who's cooped up knitting dolls all day.

Myriad Truths

Not unlike many SMT games, Persona 4 gives the player something of a bittersweet ending: all good things must come to an end and even the best of friends have to say goodbye. As Souji is mustering up the last of his strength to finish off Izanami, his friends come to his side and encourage him to get back on his feet and finish the job. So long as you've maxed Kanji's social link, he too will come and do his best to encourage the fallen hero.
Kanji: Yo senpai, how much longer you gonna just lie there? You ain't like that, senpai. You're not the kinda guy who can let it drop like this. That ain't the Souji-senpai I look up to. Get back up... just one more time... let me protect you.

With the encouragement with all of the friends he's made so far, the protagonist is able to get back up and fight for the good of everyone he loves. As far Kanji, this moment in the story is almost the ultimate truth that he's finally attained the physical and mental strength to fight and be there for the people that he cares for. Because to take down the final boss, one doesn't simply need the strength of body, but the strength of mind and the power of friendship as well. Though Souji delivers the a fatal blow to the deity, it's the bonds that he's made during his time in Inaba that allow him to persevere.

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