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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is a Japanese role playing game developed by Atlus for the Playstation 2. The game has no real direct correlation with it's predecessors in terms of storyline, although they do take place in the same world and therefore share common elements. The Persona series is in fact a spin off of the Shin Megami Tensei series, and focuses on characters who are able to summon entities known as Personas (a manifestation of one's inner thoughts and being) into existence. Alongside their own personal strengths, these users are able to call their persona and harness the powers of magic, as well as the demon's powers to fight against whatever evil throws at them.

In Persona 4, the player plays the role of a voiceless protagonist, referred to on this site by his manga-given name, Seta Souji. Since Souji's parents are traveling overseas for work, he spears the year in the rural town of Inaba with uncle Dojima Ryutaro and his cousin Nanako. And not unlike most "mysterious, cute transfer students", he's quickly able to make friends at his temporary new school, Yasogami High. Inaba is a small town—the kind of place where everybody knows your name—and it looks like it's going to be a fun and peaceful year for the the new kid on the block. That is, until some unexplained murders begin to occur and dead bodies are found dangling from television antennas, with no evidence of the killer in sight. Souji's world is quickly turned upside down as the police scramble to get any sort of lead on why these are happening.

At the same time, rumors are being passed around the school that watching a turned-off television during a stormy midnight will reveal a person's soulmate. When Souji gets a little too curious and decides to try this rumor out, he and his new found friends are thrown into a world of chaos and mystery: leaving them no choice but to become involved in the investigation behind the mysterious murders happening in their small town. Along his journey, Souji will make the accquaintance of a number of friends (such as Tatsumi Kanji!) who join the investigation team and help solve the mystery behind Inaba's escalating dilemma, one over-the-top TV show at a time.

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