Mind if I kick some ass here?

Not contrary to the rumors flying around the school, Kanji is pretty much the tank of the party and makes for a great contender in battle. He goes all out with brute force on the enemies, and his weapons consist of mostly shields and plates, though he'll drag the occasional desk or bath lid into the TV. (Atlus goes ahead and leaves it up to your imagination as to how that follows the "hide it under our uniforms" trick.) Kanji's beginning persona Take Mikazuchi uses electric spells, and has a weakness to wind attacks, while his following perosna, Rokuten Maou eliminates this weakness and blocks electric spells completely.

Ever the powerhouse, Kanji and his personae are best utilized by dealing heavy physical damage, as he has more than enough HP to both take the blows and dish them out. While Kanji's personae do sport everything from Zio to Ziodyne in terms of magical offense, he'll never deal quite as much damage as those with higher magic statistics, so let's let the brawlers do the brawling!


Kanji and Take Mikazuchi will enter your party at Level 25. In order to use Rokuten Maou, the player must max out Kanji's social link.

Mazio ---
Zionga ---
Rakukaja ---
Kill Rush ---
Elec Boost 27
Fatal End 34
Cruel Attack 38
Mazionga 40
Mighty Swing 44
Elec Break 48
Ziodyne 54
Vile Assault 58
Matarukaja 60
Maziodyne 67
Primal Force 73
Elec Amp 75

Helping Hand

One of the nice additions in Persona 4 are the interactions that can take place in battle as you level up your party member's social links. Just like a good friend should, your teammates will help you up when you're knocked down, snap you out of confusion and even take a bullet for you if times become desperate. Additionally, party members will learn a follow up attack that will happen randomly after enemies are knocked down. Kanji's follow up is called Atomic Press, which hits all enemies randomly and can cause a critical attack + dizzy.

Raising Kanji's social link up to Rank 3 will make your foes witness badassery at it's finest!

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